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I'm Mike

My approach to documenting a wedding is to be completely discreet. I want to respect the environment of a wedding day, for both you and your guests.


Most of the time, no one will even know they are being filmed and I truly believe that people are at their most natural when they don't have a camera in their face. With my relaxed approach, I’m not only able to deliver, but will ultimately be able to provide the most natural, intimate and emotive results


I don't use big complicated cameras that draw attention to themselves, I dress the part so as to blend in and most importantly there’s no direction or posing. In stripping all this away, the focus can remain on the important things..... Creating a lasting legacy of memories using natural light and real cinematic techniques. 

I love getting to know my couples, hearing their stories and capturing their day. Each time, the story is completely unique, and I can’t wait to tell yours.

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Its about YOU

And here is why...

The story of two people getting married is completely unique and magical. It's by taking the time to get to know you, that I am able to ensure that your wedding films are tailored to your personalities and tastes. 

My films are all individual to you. Where possible I like to meet my couples before the big day to chat through everything, get to know you and to understand your likes and dislikes. I always keep in close contact from about 2 months before your wedding. 

Some couples are very conscious of the camera and that’s absolutely fine because I take great care to be very discreet, blend in, and wherever possible, not be seen filming. Why? Well that’s because people are at their most natural when they don’t realise they are being filmed! 


Discretion is natural footage

I use three cameras throughout the day. During the really important bits such as the ceremony and speeches there will be two very small and discreet static cameras set up and I will be floating about manning the third. 

Many of my couples have commented that when they watched back their films, they saw shots from cameras that they didn’t know were even there! That’s how much importance I place on being discreet. It's your wedding day, not a film shoot! 

If it sounds right it is right

A key component and one which is often overlooked is audio. 


Fantastic video footage is nothing if the audio is not crystal clear. I achieve this by placing a tiny microphone on one of you, usually in a jacket pocket or clipped somewhere very discreet. It can't be seen but it lets you be heard in crystal clear clarity. 

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Let me tell your story