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What IS raw footage?

During a wedding day I will shoot a lot of footage and I mean loads! In the editing process, most of it doesn't make it to the final cut. I then hold onto it for 3 months after a wedding and then it is deleted.


Many of my couples have asked if they can purchase the raw footage so that they could own and watch everything that I shot on the day and, ultimately, it became so popular that I now offer it as an additional bolt on.

Its important to note however that the raw footage is lots of small clips, unedited, not colour graded, sometimes out of focus or wobbly and sometimes just shots of my feet when didn't stop recording!!

If you purchase the raw footage bolt on, I will format all the clips into one long one (so they are watchable on your devices, its still a series of short clips when you watch it) then I upload it to be hosted on your online video portal for you to watch & download to your own devices.


HERE'S  how it looks

"It was so lovely to have everything Mike shot on the day. His edited films were nothing short of amazing but me being me, just wanted it all!! "

Amanda & Tom

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