Wedding Film Delivery

Time has a nasty habit of keeping moving, and with it, so does technology. In fact tech, seems to have moved at an incredible pace over the last few years which has had a direct impact on how we receive and watch our chosen films and music. So in today's blog I'm going to run through wedding film delivery, formats and what in 2019 is the best way for you to receive, watch and keep your precious wedding film.

When I first started creating wedding films, I would shoot on tape and deliver on VHS. Remember that? Maybe not! For those that do though, VHS was considered the standard format for watching films at home. If you wanted to rent a movie, that would usually mean a trip down to your local Blockbusters to spend ages looking through all the available films, choose one, hire it, buy your sweets, drive home, stick it in the Video player and hope it worked! It often didn’t!

Fast forward a few more years and DVD’s became the norm, essentially doing the same job as a VHS tape but digitally and more efficiently. Then came Blu ray and of more recent years, wedding film delivery in particular has tended to be via usb stick.

DVD's They came and they went!

Now USB sticks are great and still remain a fairly good way to transport data, film data in this case from one person to another. However the problem arises with how the film on the usb has been formatted. For example, you may plug a usb of your wedding film into your laptop and it works fine, but try and plug it into your tv and watch it and, yep you guessed it, your TV wants the data in a different format to that of your computer. 

The humble USB Drive. Great, but can cause compatibility issues

So how do I deliver my films to you to ensure that you can watch them on your phone, your laptop, tablet or TV? Well I use a specialist digital download interface, specifically designed for Wedding Videography and it works like this:-

Once I have completed all post production, I create a personalised page for you and upload your film or films to it. I then send you an email which provides you with a link and a password specific to you. You click the link, log in and there are your films ready to watch on your phone, tablet, pc or to stream to your TV if you prefer the big screen experience! What's more, I actively encourage you to download your films onto your own device for safe keeping of your own copy. A point to note here is that I do keep a copy of your films on both local drives and cloud drives, just incase!

Watch your wedding film on any device

I think this all makes perfect sense in 2019. After all, if you want to watch a film, you don’t expect to have to plug a usb into your tv, you go to your chosen online film provider, Netflix, Amazon etc, you browse, you choose, you watch. Its that easy, and so should watching your wedding film be, and with me, I'm pleased to say it is!

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