Should we have a Wedding Videographer?

Choosing to have a wedding videographer is not for every couple. However, for some it’s turned out to be the best decision they made. Weddings are expensive and often in the past, the wedding videographer has been one of the last things that a couple book. However, the tide is turning and some couples are now choosing a videographer over a photographer. Read on for helpful tips along with other couples experiences and hopefully all the information here, can help you to decide if a wedding video is the right thing for you!

So are photos not enough?

Photos are an incredibly important element of any wedding. They will be put in albums and hung on the walls for years to come, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be able to peruse the album, looking back and laughing at the fashions and hair styles of the day...........or will they?

Wedding albums are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, just like printing photos has all but disappeared, so too, it seems is the tradition of the printed wedding photo album. Many photographers are reporting that couples prefer to have their wedding photos delivered digitally so that they can then choose a couple of their favourite pictures to have printed to hang on their walls. The rest, it seems remain in the digital album/usb/dvd/cloud storage and are viewed (very) occasionally when thought about.

The other emerging trend is the demise of the 'posed' photos, and one which I for one am soooo pleased to see! I hate posed photos! There is nothing natural about it whatsoever. Natural, candid photography is becoming far more popular as it shows the couple and their guests truly enjoying themselves with real smiles and laughter and NOT having to say Cheese - Which is quite an apt thing to say when posing for a photo!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe that a good set of natural wedding photos is important to have. But, a photo doesn’t move, you can’t hear its subject speaking or laughing and it doesn’t show you what you missed.

Are Photos enough?

Wedding Videos - Seeing what you don’t see

On their wedding day, the couple getting married actually, in reality, miss so much. The bride will be holed up in a room with her bridesmaids having hair & make up done. No one must see her before the ceremony! But that also means that she won’t see her groom arriving with his best man, looking nervous and constantly checking the time and adjusting his suit. She won’t see the buzz of staff preparing the venue, running here there and everywhere, covering seats, preparing drinks, arranging flowers, setting the cake. She won’t see the guests arriving and be able to smile as she watches their reactions as they see the beautiful venue!

Then of course comes the big moment, the bride’s arrival. She won’t see it, she probably won’t even remember it because she will be way too nervous and desperately trying not to trip on her dress as she walks down the aisle.

As for the groom, he won’t see the reaction on his face as he sees his bride for the first time, and the kiss they share as they meet.

The ceremony itself fly’s past, what was said? What was said wrong? The roars of laughter at the funny bits, the oohs and aaahs at the touching moments. The photographer will be snapping away throughout all of this, but will those photos really capture those moments?

After the ceremony, generally, the bride and groom are quickly whisked away for photos. What are the guests up to then? Will they see their guests having a drink and chatting? No, they won’t! They will be busy saying…….Cheeeese!!

Speeches, funny dances, drunken falls and just about everything else that will form the rest of the day are truly what make the day, but they are golden nuggets to watch back afterwards when you have the time to take it all in!

So I could go on…But I’m sure you get the point! And once edited together, all these moments are there to tell the story of your day.

I have booked a few weddings fairly last minute. The couple were not originally planning to have a video but decided literally weeks before, to go for one. Without exception, every one of those couples have come back to me to say that they are so glad they had a video and it was ‘literally the best decision they made’ ( I used this one for my website homepage!!)

Seeing what you dont see

What if you can’t afford it?

Ahh that life long dilemma! We want everything, but cannot always afford it (well I do anyway!), so what to do?

Well there is always the option to go cheap. But, like most things in life, you get what you pay for!. There are some truly terrible wedding films out there and there are some amazing ones. Then there are the wedding videographers who think they are film directors! They are so focused on overly cinematic films & shallow depth of fields that when you watch it back, you actually can’t make out who your guests are in the background because they are all out of focus!

A wedding is an event, and as such requires a candid, documentary style of filming so as to keep you & your guests natural and actually capture what happens, not what the videographer directs to happen!

But cost does of course need to be taken into account and cost is a very personal thing. What’s expensive to some is cheap to others. Likewise, some couples may place more emphasis on having a photographer than a videographer and that’s just fine because it needs to be what works for you.

Just like photographers, videographers often have different packages available. Shop around, watch the films on their websites to see if you like their style, and don’t be afraid to ask them to adjust a package to suit you. Nothing should be truly set in stone, to my mind a videography package is there as a guide but one that can be tweaked and changed accordingly.

Some couples have now started to place more emphasis on the video than photography by hiring a professional videographer and just asking their guests to upload all the pictures taken on the day to a dedicated website therefore giving the couple a lot of very natural, some good and no doubt some very bad photographs.

Another thing to consider is that videos are now being shot in such high definition that it’s actually possible to capture a single frame of film and convert it to a jpeg of high enough quality to print out! Something else to perhaps think about and discuss with your videographer if you want to try and get the best of both worlds on a budget.

Don’t forget who it’s about!

Ultimately, just don’t forget whose day it is, YOURS! Everyone will have an opinion on what you should and should not have, listen, take it in but ultimately make your wedding decisions on what YOU want to do and enjoy your day!

If you would like to discuss your wedding videography or anything I have raised in this blog, please don’t hesitate to contact me via my website

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