Not seen....and not heard!

As a wedding videographer in Kent and the Southeast I’m often asked by couples thinking of booking their wedding film if I’ll be discreet.

The simple answer to that question is yes! I don’t believe that big ‘in your face’ cameras and fluffy mics, stabilisers, sliders, tripods and lights have any place at a wedding. A film set maybe, but definitely not a wedding!

Not how you want your wedding filmed!

A good wedding videographer will be there to capture the essence of the day, not to set up fake shots and shout ‘Action’ and Cut’! It should be a fly on the wall snapshot of your day which tells the story of your wedding with expert post production and beautiful music. 

I travel light! I bring a main camera, which I man all day long. A monopod for that camera, which allows me to get beautiful steady shots but literally up sticks and run to the next location in a matter of seconds! I then bring two small cameras which are mounted in static locations to capture alternative angles of the ceremony and sometimes the speeches. These are perfect for cut away shots in the post production process along with providing a back and side view of the proceedings and of course, two back up recordings! Not forgetting sound which is a very important part of any film, I bring very small discreet mics that simply clip into the pocket of whoever I want to record and provide perfect sound.

It's so funny but true that if your guests happen to notice that they are being filmed, they immediately clam up and get a very embarrassed look on their face and become very awkward. That doesn’t make for a good wedding film! Of course, there are the exceptions, the real extroverts who actively seek out the camera and play up to it! But even then, funny as it is, it's not a natural documentation of your day. 

So as the title of this blog says, I always aim to not be seen and not be heard, I lurk... wow that sounds bad doesn’t it, but I mean it in a nice way! Its all done so as to get the very best and most natural candid shots that I can!

If you are considering having a videographer at your wedding, I cover Kent, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire & of course London. I would be more than happy to chat through things with you and show you some examples of wedding films that I have created. Every one of my wedding films are different and that’s because I make then for you!

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