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Wedding films as individual as you are !

 I have put together some packages which you can see below, however, every wedding is different. I want your wedding films to be as individual as you are. If you want to tweak them, add to them or have something completely different in mind thats no problem. You may wish to add drone footage, have a pre-wedding shoot or even opt for a marryoke! Just about everything is possible and as a film maker its vital to me that your wedding film or films reflect you. please get in touch for an individual quote.


Up to 6 hours of attendance and using 2 cameras. The film starts with the guests arriving and runs right through to the end of the speeches. Everything we can film in between, we will, so as to ensure that you get an incredible wedding film.

After your day we will set to editing the footage. Once edited and colour corrected, you will receive a beautiful 3-5 minute highlight film via our state of the art digital download platform which also allows you to share your film with friends & family.


PACKAGE (two films)

Up to 9 hours of attendance and using 2 cameras. Starting with preparation and running right through to the end of the first dance. Everything we can film in between, we will. We'll be right in on the action to make sure we capture all the good stuff plus more! 

Once editing and post production has taken place, you will receive a beautiful 3-5 minute highlight film via digital download along with a 1-2 minute trailer film which is perfect to share on social media. Our amazing digital download platform allows you to download, share and stream your films to your TV and whats more, its all password protected.


PACKAGE (Three films)

Up to 11 hours of attendance and using 3 cameras. The filming starts with preparation and runs right through to beyond the first dance and captures your guests enjoying themselves at the evening reception. You can be sure that everything else in between will be captured, when the good stuff is happening, we will be there, right behind the lens!

Also included (if requested) is reading of letters or any message that the Bride & Groom wish to say to each other. This makes for a beautiful keepsake to tell each other how you feel.

After many hours of editing, you will receive an amazing 3-5 minute highlight film via digital download along with a beautiful 1-2 minute trailer film which is perfect to share on social media. You will also receive a longer film of about an hour which will cover the ceremony and the speeches in full, perfect for when you want to look back at what was said in real time detail.

Our amazing digital download platform allows you to download, share and stream your films to your TV and whats more, its all password protected.



This really is the ultimate package to provide a stunning collection of wedding films. It includes everything that the full package does but also includes a pre-wedding shoot. The pre-wedding shoot can be at your home or at an agreed location and is perfect for capturing shots of you both just enjoying life, with pets, walking, partying.... you get the idea! Basically whatever ‘your thing’ is, we will film it and make it part of your wedding film. 


These shots can then be intercut with messages or letter reading along with audio from the speeches to really tell your story in full and add another whole dimension to your wedding film. 

The pre-wedding shoot will take approximately 4 hours and is shot about 3 weeks before your big day. 

With this package we will also attend your wedding from start to finish allowing us to literally capture everything. Even if its 14 hours, we will be there. 

Also included in this package is drone footage of your wedding venue (where possible) 

In addition to all of that, you will also get 50 beautiful still jpeg photos of your day delivered via your personal private password protected account. 

This package will literally give you the ultimate collection of wedding films to treasure for a lifetime.


Whichever package you choose, you can be sure you will get a beautiful wedding film or films. However, if you fancy adding some extras to your package then that's just fine! Check out the extras below.


Drone footage captures all the action from a very different perspective....The air! Having aerial shots of your venue and guests can really add to the finished films and create a very cinematic experience.  

Due to very strict regulations on the use of Drones, we only employ licenced drone operators who have undergone strict training and follow procedure to the letter. Not all venues permit the use of drones so please do check before you book this bolt on.


When we shoot a wedding, we shoot a lot of footage! If you would like to have a copy of everything shot at your wedding, we will provide you with a 250 GB solid state hard drive and load all of the unedited shots and sound files onto it for you.

Bear in mind that this footage is not edited and has not been colour graded or gone through post production in any way. It's often many short clips, but at least you will own every single bit of footage that was shot on the day!


We film your day using very high quality, high resolution cameras. With this bolt on, we will pull 50 amazing jpeg still photographs from the footage and present them to you along with your finished films. In no way is this a replacement for your professional photographer but we offer it because we shoot so much footage. One jpeg image is one frame,  we shoot 50 frames per second and usually end up with approximately 2 to 3 hours of footage, therefore we have, on average, well over half a million potential photos to choose from!! It would be rude not to have a few of those as a keepsake! 

*Prices quoted above are for single location weddings in the UK and within 50 miles of Sevenoaks Kent. Please contact us for a quote if you have a multi location wedding. 

*All prices include travel up to a 50 mile radius of Sevenoaks, Kent. If your chosen location is further afield, travel costs will be added at 50p per mile. 

*For weddings much further afield or overseas, overnight accommodation will be required and will be quoted on an individual basis 

Please note that all music used on our films shown on the internet must be licenced copyright free music. We will provide this as part of our service at no extra charge. Original music and sound will be included on the feature (long) films included in the Full & Directors Cut Packages and will not be uploaded to the internet.